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Basic ASSETOnline Info:

What is ASSETOnline?
ASSETOnline is the online version of the paper based ASSET test. Now you can simply go online and take the test without having to wait for your school to give the paper based ASSET.

ASSET is a diagnostic test which actually helps students improve.

Unlike regular tests which try only to find out how much a child knows (or has memorized), ASSET measures how well a student has understood concepts and gives detailed feedback on the same, to help him/her improve.

Thus, ASSET helps each student know whether he/she has actually understood a concept early on in her schooling career so that timely action can be taken to improve upon the weak areas. Often students have conceptual gaps which increase as they progress and when they reach the higher classes, they develop a "phobia" for the subject.

What is the difference between ASSETOnline & ASSET through schools?
ASSETOnline & ASSET through schools are different tests. Fundamentally, they are both based on similar concept of diagnostic skill-based testing, however they are different on these grounds:

1)ASSET through schools is taken under regular supervised conditions, where ASSETOnline can be taken from any premise with an Internet connection and thus any supervision is not possible.

2)A certificate is given to each student for participating in ASSET through schools, which is not available in ASSETOnline.

But how similar is ASSETOnline to the paper based ASSET test?
The content of the ASSETOnline test is exactly the same as that of ASSET. The only difference is, now you can take the test online - at your convenience of time and place.

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Test Details:

For whom is ASSETOnline useful?
ASSETOnline is useful for students of classes 3 to 9. Class 10 students can take test for class 9. They are the same. It can also be taken by anyone beyond class 10 or anyone with general interest.

For which subjects and classes can I take the test?
ASSETOnline tests are available for classes 3 to 9. English, Maths & Science are available for classes 4 to 9, whereas for Maths it is from class 3 onwards. The tests for Class 9 And Class 10 are the same.

What class/course/board are the questions in these tests based on?
The questions are based only on concepts that a student learns before the particular class she is studying in. So, a class 5 student is tested on concepts she learns up until class 4. The test is meant for all, since no Educational Board is exclusively taken as a base for designing the questions. Question papers are based on a generalized standard, decided after studying thoroughly the contents of text-books by various educational boards across India.

What is the duration and the total number of questions in each of those tests?
The duration and total number of questions differ from test to test. Each class and each paper has a different test.

Will ASSETOnline cover the course of CBSE,ICSE,IB or some state board?
ASSET and ASSETOnline tests are based on a research of the curricula of various Indian boards including the CBSE, ICSE and most leading state boards. The questions are designed based on a common minimum curriculum that ensures, for example, that a question asked in class 6 has been covered in class 5 in the NCERT textbooks as well as the books prescribed by other leading boards. A few questions in ASSET are based on skills and competencies that are universal and which children should have developed by that grade level. Thus ASSET provides a true picture of where a student stands compared to students of her age group throughout the country - irrespective of the board.

Where is the test to be given?
The test needs to be taken online totally. The result will be available online immediately after the test. Once you have purchased the test through the Credit Card or Internet Banking, or selected the test after purchasing a coupon you can start the online test from the "Pending Tests" Link.

Do we get the papers, feedback or any other material by courier?
No. ASSETOnline is an online test, giving you an online feedback. It also stores the same in your ASSETOnline account. Thus it is easily available for future reference.

How long is an ASSETOnline test Valid?
At present, there is no time limit with regards to test validity.

We have already taken a set of tests a few days ago. If we order for a set of tests again, will we recieve a new set of papers or the same set which we recieved earlier?
Yes, everytime you order a new test you will receive a new test(i.e. new set of questions). Kindly ensure that you login using the same username always.

Do you keep updating the ASSETOnline tests and if so what is the frequency?
Yes we do keep on adding new tests as they are prepared by our panel of subject experts. Incase, you buy the same test twice for your child (For example, Maths of class 5, twice), you will get two totally different papers.

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Procedure & Test:

What is the procedure for taking the tests?
The first step is to register yourself by filling up the registration form. Once you register, please go to the login form where you will be asked to login using the username-password that you provided in the registration form. After you login, you may purchase a test and then go to ‘pending tests’ to start the test.

Once a test is started, how long will it be valid to complete it? What is the use of re-entry code.
As per present rules, once you start to give a test, it has lifetime validity. It means, if your internet connection breaks or if you feel like taking a break, you can re-start the test anytime in future using the re-entry code. The re-entry code is displayed to you on the instructions page, when you start the test for the first time. The code is also emailed to you.

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When and in what form will I get my results?
A great benefit of taking ASSETOnline is that you get an immediate analysis of your performance with respect to specific skills in the subject. A question-wise scorecard is given, along with a detailed report identifying your areas of strengths as well as weaknesses in that particular subject.

I have taken the test and want to know the correct answer to a question in the test. From where can I get the same?
Reports of your performance will appear on the screen immediately after you have finished taking the test. They are also stored in your account. In both cases, to know the correct answer to a question, please open the report and click on the relevant question number. A new window will open which will display the question, the response options and the correct answer.

Why do we not display No. of Students along with the percentile in the final result?
The number of students based on which your child’s percentile is determined is very large (never less than 3000 in the case of ASSET). The very basic idea of percentile is that the number of students is not important, if the number is large enough.

For example, if your child has scored at the 95th percentile, then he/she falls among the top 5 percent of students. The number of students being large, your child’s performance is likely to stay constant whether the percentile is calculated on 2,000 students, 20,000 students or 2 lac students. Thus, you may infer that for that particular test, your child is in the top 5% of students.

In fact, percentile is a much more correct measure than rank. If my rank is 75th, I need to know whether I am 75th out of 100 students (which is not good), or 1000 students (which is good) or 10,000 students (which is very good). On the contrary, a 95 percentile score is good irrespective of the number of students.

What is the validity/authenticity of the test taken and the feedback given?
The validity of this test is 100%, given that the student maintains test conditions while writing the test.
This includes the following conditions 1)Candidate should not be helped by others
2)Candidate should not be disturbed while taking the test or even spoken to during the test.
Given these, the results are completely valid and based on the real performance of 10,000 to 15,000 others students who took the test under supervised conditions.

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Pricing & Payment:

How much does ONE ASSETOnline test cost?
At present, the price of all tests is fixed at Rs. 155/- per test. You can purchase either 1 or more tests. Thus it will cost you Rs. 465 if you choose to write all three tests Science, Maths and English for any class.

How do I pay for the ASSETOnline tests?
Payment is to be made online - either with a credit card or through internet banking. The payment mechanism is secure as we use a third-party payment gateway.

What if I do not have a Credit Card?
If you don’t have a Credit Card, you may use the Internet Banking facility made available by all leading banks. Please check out with your bank, if they provide such a facility.

What Banks And Credit Cards are accepted for Online transactions? Will Debit Cards Work?
At present only credit cards or Online Banking works for the transaction. Debit cards are not accepted for online transactions. Incase of Online Banking, our payment gateway is not yet connected to SBI. However, the payment gateway is connected to the following banks: ICICI, HDFC, Citibank, Federal Bank, PNB, IndusInd Bank, OBC, IDBI and the credit cards belonging to the visa and mastercard category are accepted.

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Other Queries/Concerns/Miscellaneous

I would like to know how can we prepare for scoring well in such exams. Are there any standard books or course materials available?
Can you please recommend the ways in which we can prepare ourselves for these tricky exams?
Do I need to prepare for ASSETOnline Tests?
No, the test is aimed at diagnosing and understanding whether the child has understood concepts properly or not. Thus, any preparation is not advised for the test. However, you may take demo tests to understand what the exam will look like and what kind of questions will be asked.

Is there any prize award for scoring highest?
No. However, if written honestly, scoring a high percentile score certainly means that you have a good grip on your concepts in the respective subject. It also means that you are learning well and have a high probability of doing well in competitive exams.

Why do I have to pay for ASSETOnline Tests?
ASSETOnline, being an assessment and testing platform, does not accept advertisements. All the IT infrastructure and development of the tests is a cost to us. It also happens so, that because you pay for the test, you would naturally take the tests with more seriousness.

What are the other things that you offer?
Visit www.ei-india.com for all the services available from EI, the parent organisation of ASSETOnline.

Who are the people behind ASSETOnline?
ASSETOnline, the online version of ASSET, is brought to you by Educational Initiatives(EI) Pvt. Ltd. EI was started by 3 graduates of IIM-Ahmedabad, who had first hand experience in setting up a world class school. Educational Initiatives(EI) works in the areas of assessment, research and training in the field of school education. For more info on EI, Click Here

Can I take part in ASSETOnline test other than the regular ASSET test that is conducted during August or December in the school?
Yes, infact, one of the two main purposes of ASSETOnline is to make ASSET assessment available round the year to kids and parents, as the testing in school can happen only once. (The other purpose is to make the test available to those students whose schools do not participate in ASSET.) Moreover, the test being online, the time and locations barriers are not applicable. You may take the test at a place and time convenient to you. There is no limit as to how many times you can take the online test, as far as different tests are available each time.

Does ASSETOnline test the child's IQ?
Fundamentally, ASSET tests do not test your child's IQ level. Instead, ASSETOnline tests are aimed at testing the child's strengths and weaknesses in areas of academic learning. The test is also designed to analyse whether the child is learning the requisite scholastic skills and whether his/her concepts in various subjects are clear. Thus, it gives you more a picture of whether your child is actually learning with understanding or learning by rote. Additionally, because a large number of students from India and Indians Abroad participate in the ASSET test, you can also assess where your child stands.

Are these things useful for students in 11 std also, will these things help and improve my studies?
ASSETOnline tests your fundamentals, concepts and scholastic skills at each level from class from 3 to 10. Thus essentially, it tests whether you are learning well or not. It can be useful for anyone beyond class 10 also, as it helps you test your knowledge and skills of earlier classes.

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